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Helping growing companies save time and money on web development by streamlining operations and building scalable web solutions.


Sometimes You Need More Than Just a Developer

Hire someone who can help connect the dots between the big picture and the technical details.

Expand Your Engineering Team

Boost your output by adding a hybrid team member that can fill in gaps, from full-stack development to project management.

Optimize Your Workflows

Maximize productivity by eliminating waste and bottlenecks, and increasing the efficiency of your current development processes.

Future-Proof Your Site

Stay ahead of the curve with high-performance web technologies and scalable architecture, like Client-First architecture in Webflow or Next.JS.


About Me

Darian Nocera
Web Development Specialist

I’ve been helping clients solve technical problems and design scalable solutions for over 8 years. In 2019, I took an interest in technical side of development, which evolved into a full-blown obsession after completing a coding boot camp.

I landed in the world of web marketing as a product owner for a massive corporate website where I played a pivotal role in operationalizing the development processes and leading the engineering team. During this time, I co-founded a non-profit to build free websites for small businesses during the pandemic, while learning new technologies and building other side projects along the way. I recently committed to being an independent contractor full-time.

I'm enthusiastic about modern tech and take a ton of pride in my ability produce high-volume, high-quality output through my project management expertise and technical problem solving. I consider myself a versatile hybrid because I build, manage, and optimize as well as have a big interest in great design and writing.

* a Zettelkasten is a personal knowledge management tool for storing information that creates a web of thoughts, emphasizing connection over collection.
*According to Stephan Ango, an alternative path to specialization and generalization is hybridization. “The world needs more hybrid people because the world is getting more complex,” he argues.

Work with me if you...

care about eliminating technical debt so your tech stack can grow with you

appreciate frequent communication and organization

are annoyed by lack of processes and inefficiencies

cancel meetings when there's nothing to discuss

think being unconventional is a good thing

are tired of working with schmucks that never meet your expectations

are a genuinely good person that wants to making a positive impact on the world

Holla @ Me

I can help make your next web project great. Trust me ;)