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Freelance web development & project management support for mission-driven companies.


How I Can Help You

Webflow Website Migration

Enable your website to scale with your business by moving to Webflow. I handle all aspects of the build, migration, and integrations for organizations with existing designs.

Project Management Consulting

I can help you navigate and manage website migration projects or web development work by implementing processes for your team to keep tasks on track.

Bug Resolution / Feature Implementation

When you need an extra hand on your engineering team or ad hoc development support, I can fix bugs or implement features for Webflow websites or React-based web applications.

Technical Training

I can provide one-on-one or group technical training for you or your team to empower you to maintain your own websites or workflows to reduce reliance on specialists.

About Me

Darian Nocera
Web Development Specialist

I consider myself a hybrid professional with a versatile skillset that bridges the gap between project management and web development, offering a unique combination of technical understanding and project leadership.

I began my career in software implementation for massive healthcare organizations, which equipped me to navigate technical nuances across a variety of digital projects, particularly website migrations and redesigns.

After earning a full-stack development certification, I co-founded a non-profit that built free websites for small businesses during the pandemic. I then became the operations manager of a corporate website where I played an integral role in managing the engineering team and implementing processes for the marketing department, successfully replatforming the website twice.

Now, I am an independent consultant, engineer, and entrepreneur, working with clients from non-profits and small businesses to agencies and corporations.

I’m inquisitive, ambitious, and unconventional and I’m constantly striving to learn and grow. I love to read, write, and code, and when I'm not staring at a computer screen, I enjoy spending my time with yoga/fitness and camping in the Mountain West.

* a Zettelkasten is a personal knowledge management tool for storing information that creates a web of thoughts, emphasizing connection over collection.
*According to Stephan Ango, an alternative path to specialization and generalization is hybridization. “The world needs more hybrid people because the world is getting more complex,” he argues.
Words from my clients & colleagues
Darian has positioned herself as a go-to person, is extremely knowledgeable on our set up, and has strong skills as a problem-solver and collaborator
We've really appreciated Darian’s eye for detail, her ability to speak up and provide insightful comments to conversations, and her positive attitude.
Darian went above and beyond to assist us while giving us knowledgeable answers and realistic solutions.  She is professional while still being approachable.
I really appreciated Darian’s approachability, guidance and such easy to understand explanations... and sense of humor! 
Darian brought great synergy and a friendly attitude to the team and project. It’s been a marvel working with her. 
Darian is grace under pressure. Even when managing a ton of projects she keeps things going, and keeps information flowing to get things done. 
No matter the question or challenge Darian always shows up with the best attitude and makes collaboration seem so effortless! 
The website and the processes that support it are NIGHT and DAY compared to what it was like before Darian.
You might be wondering...

Do you offer website design or branding?

I have a foundational understanding of design and while I occasionally do some design when I need to, I'm not a branding or UX professional. I can build your site if you have an existing design mockup or a clear direction for your web design. Otherwise, I can work with your designer or I can work with you to pick a pre-designed template that matches your needs.

Can you help me build an app?

I can help maintain existing production applications; however, I am not offering services to develop new applications at this time. If you need help with a new implementation or product development, I can support from a project management perspective, jumping into the code when necessary.

What kind of management services do you provide?

I can oversee website migration projects, web development work, and other digital implementation projects. I can also assist with process implementation, quality assurance, and technical education as a part of my role. Get in touch with me about your project and requirements so we can see if there's a fit! 

Do you only work with Webflow for websites?

If I am personally building or migrating your website I prefer to use Webflow because I like the product and I know its capabilities and limitations well. However, another platform may better fit your business needs. In that case, I am open to supporting your project in a management role instead. I am familiar with most common platforms and can usually quickly learn new CMSs.

What is your rate?

My rate ranges from $75 - $115 / hour, depending on factors like the responsibilities and scope required for the project and your budget.