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My superpowers.

  • An uncanny ability to not let details slip through the cracks (my superpower and also my curse).
  • Seeing the full potential in an individual or a situation.
  • Explaining and simplifying complex concepts.
  • Aptitude to quickly become a power user in any system.
  • Deriving satisfaction from doing things for others.
  • Enjoying the present moment instead of through my phone screen camera to be enjoyed later.
  • Exercising initiative when provided a defined framework for responsibility.
  • Being annoyed by inefficiency enough to actually fix the process instead of just suffering.
  • Remaining a calming presence amidst uncertainty and offering a big-picture perspective.
  • Remembering every birthday I've ever learned (also a curse).

Are you exploring uncharted waters?

I'm super interested in how we can use emerging technologies to solve tough problems in mental healthcare. If your company is operating at this intersection, I'd love to talk about how I could support your mission. Let's connect! 


  • Myer's Briggs: INTP
  • Sun Sign: Aquarius
  • Music: Funk, Bluegrass, Electronic Trap
  • Pizza topping: Pepperoni & jalepeno

My values.


Always be true to yourself and never compromise integrity.


Seek transparency and the truth, even when it's uncomfortable.


Never rule out the opposite of what everyone else is doing as a strategy.


"Student" is a life-long role; there's always more to learn and improve.

Other than work.

  • Fitness. I love spin and cycling, hot yoga, and I recently started weight lifting. My favorite fitness activity? Boxing!
  • Reading. I'm usually reading a few different non-fiction books at any given time about whatever topic I'm interested in at the moment.
  • Camping. If my living situation permitted it, I would be outside 24/7. My dream is to get an RV to travel the US regularly.
  • Rocks. I'm a rockhound (read: nerd!). I have boxes of rocks in my closet. It's quite a passive hobby, but I really enjoy rock tumbling.
  • Metaphysics. I'm endlessly fascinated by the the nature of reality and spend a lot of my free time studying the cosmos, quantum physics, ancient history, and philosophy.. it often looks like this.
  • Writing. Writing has been an outlet for me since I was a little girl with one of these. I write in some form every single day. I also write with a fountain pen, so you know I'm serious.
  • Art. I'm kinda "artsy," just not very good at art ;) I like to draw and experiment with new mediums purely for fun. I believe humans were meant to create!