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Hear that? That's the sound of us beating up criminals, together. Sneaky criminals that rob you of your valuable resources from right under your nose. They're masters of disguise, so they roam freely, silently costing you money and terrorizing your team in the process. Who are these criminals exactly? You may know them as inefficient processes, architecture bloat, and overlooked details... And they won't be bothering you anymore, friend.

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Some recent accomplishments from consulting, web project management, and website operations projects.

2021 - 2022



Website Redesign & Marketing Process Optimization

I led the migration and replatform of Alteryx's redesigned corporate marketing website by managing all activities including but not limited to:

  • Content migration of 3000+ pages from Drupal to Sitecore
  • Localization integration support for 6 languages
  • 900+ UAT tickets of stakeholder feedback across all departments
  • Training for 10+ content authors on internal marketing teams
  • Redesign of 40+ website modules to align with a company rebrand

I also built a workflow in Asana to field marketing requests for the new website by implementing a requirements process and automating task assignments, reducing the turnaround time for asset landing pages from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 days. Post-launch, I proactively addressed legacy page speed issues, leading to a 30% increase in performance.


Digital Launchpad

Digital Launchpad

Marketing & Technical Education Program for Local Business Owners

Through a non-profit grant and partnership with Montbello Organizing Committee, I led an initiative to provide technical assistance to local small business owners for their websites and digital marketing strategy which included:

  • Scoping and project management
  • Design of a 12-week technical education program
  • Development of all program resources and materials in two languages
  • A hands-on Website Optimization workshop
  • A website optimization checklist to supplement the workshop

As part of this pilot program, we launched 3 small business websites, giving the business owners a solid foundation for digital growth and empowering them to be self-sufficient so they can save costs on future website services.

2023 - 2024

The Underdog Family

The Underdog Family

Generated $100,000+ Revenue for Small Businesses During the Pandemic

I was one of the original co-founders of The Underdog Family, a Denver non-profit provides free technical services to small businesses. During my time as Vice President of Technical Operations, I'm most proud of: 

  • Leading the launch of over 10 small business websites equipped with online ordering, saving some businesses up to 40% in third-party fees
  • Migrating the organization from Microsoft to Google, saving expenses of 10% of annual revenue in the first year
  • Redesigning and developing a new website integrated with a donation platform that led to a $2,000 increase in monthly donations

Our efforts during the COVID pandemic generated an estimated $100k+ in revenue for local businesses that previously did not have a digital storefront.

2020 - 2023



Client Support & Process Optimization

As a web consultant, I’ve assisted ROI•DNA, a digital marketing & strategy agency, with defining technical requirements and managing development work, front and back-end quality assurance, web architecture strategy, and website administration for multiple client website launches including:

Additionally, I’ve provided ongoing support for their internal design, UX, and web teams to streamline their workflows and optimize processes for design-to-development handoff, internal QA, and client UAT through automation in Asana and standardization of requirements.

A selection of websites & web applications where I contributed as a web developer and/or designer.
darian nocera

Why Me?

The name is Darian and I help my clients keep their web development projects on track. I consider myself a hybrid technologist; my versatile expertise lies somewhere between a project manager and web developer.

If I've learned one thing from technical implementations in the last 8 years: project management and process is hard, and organizations rarely get it right.

The cost of getting it wrong can be truly exorbitant. And it’s not just the company that suffers from a project that’s gone over budget. The people on the team do, too. And I think that really sucks.

So I always do my best to evaluate how I can add the most value to a team or a project, no matter the situation. Whether you need better documentation, processes, architecture, or just need someone to get shit done, I can usually help.

Am I saving lives? No.. But I genuinely care about what I do and the people I work with. So— in my own way— I hope to make the world a little bit better of a place, one client at a time.

Ready to Rumble?